As founder and head of product development. ”I am immensely proud of the VANGUARDIAN Alarm product and the multipoint, flexible, zonal alarm system that we have developed, and now employ to provide a highly effective, pipe carrier and roof rack alarm and an alternative vehicle, tools and asset security system.”

With over 30 years as a plumbing and heating engineer. The theft the vehicle damage, and the loss, I endured over these years was indicative of what many tradespeople up and down the country we’re suffering from or indeed, “living In fear of”.


Personally, I was always disillusioned at the lack of a satisfactory, affordable, alternative security solution to help combat this problem. and so, eventually, after further financial loss of random pilfering of copper pipe from my pipe-carrier running into £100s of pounds of lost revenue.

”Necessity became the mother of invention” and the love of my job turned into the passion and the desire to design and develop VANGUARDIAN and proved a new and affordable concept of…

Visible | Audible | Alarm | Alert | Protection

…to help combat and deter vehicle crime and tool and asset theft, for all tradespeople up and down the country

If Vehicle security is stressing you out, RELAX!


We’re on it !

“Find out what our customers are saying”

Fantastic concept and a brilliant idea. Very impressive how it works. Should stop chancers lifting gear off the truck. Good luck Mike.

K Lomas


I had all the locks upgraded on my Transit Custom, at a small fortune I must say, but seeing how VANGUARDIAN activates on sensing contact, it’s just super impressive.
I just had to have it and Mike even fitted it for free in no time at all. I would definitely recommend it (and it could have saved me a fortune in locks!

Hayden K


A fantastic idea, what a clever little alarm system just what I’ve been looking for to protect all my riding gear ...... good luck Mike, I think this is great idea I will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues.

Mrs M Whone





 An alarm fitted and working that activates from contact to stop thieves touching my van for £120. What’s not to like? Brilliant! Thanks, Dave



Wow! I couldn’t believe it when when Mike demonstrated VANGUARDIAN, how you could alarm an open back truck all the way from the tailgate to the cab but VANGUARDIAN did just that. Activating an alarm as soon as anyone tried to climb on or attempt to remove anything from the back. Very impressed and you can only just make out the alarm in the top corner.

Landscape Gardener


This is my 3rd vehicle now I've had fitted with VANGUARDIAN, A VW Amerorak Truck, a TRANSIT Custom and now my VW Transporter. It's amazing how simple and effective this is - a really great alarm and I would definitely recommend it 👍👍👍

Tom Horsforth


After suffering copper pipe theft from the pipe-carrier, I heard about VANGUARDIAN through Duftons Plumbers Merchants. A pipe-carrier alarm is a brilliant idea and Mike came out the same day to demonstrate it and installed it in 5 mins! Not had a pipe theft since! I would definitely recommend VANGUARDIAN.

ENGLAFORT Construction


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