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As the founder and head of product development of VanGuardian “It gives me great pleasure to provide for you a brand-new, Patented Alarm for your vehicle” A flexible zonal alarm system that activates on contact…  BEFORE DAMAGE IS DONE! And safeguards your tools & assets from theft.VANGUARDIAN Alarms provide a Proven & Highly effective, vehicle crime deterrent. A powerful 110db Alarm activates on contact and Alerts you and others around when thieves are operating. Drawing instant attention to criminal activity, eliminating the time thieves need to operate & forces thieves to retreat….    BEFORE DAMAGE IS DONE!  

With over 35 years in the trade industry as a Plumbing & Heating engineer, the theft, and  damage and the loss of tools & equipment I endured over those years was indicative of what many tradesmen up and down the country were suffering from or indeed, living in fear of… Personally, I was always  disillusioned at the lack of a satisfactory solution to help combat this problem…. Factory fitted alarms activating after the doors are open is too late… THE DAMAGE IS DONE! And the trend towards ADDING LOCKS still, does not deter van crime and the damage thieves inflict if afforded the time to operate… 

And that’s why we made VANGUARDIAN

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