11 Ways of Maximising Your Van Alarm Security

Ways of Maximising Your Van Alarm Security

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In this article we will look at some ways of maximising your van alarm security. There are now more light goods vehicles on the road in the UK than lorries, there are an estimated 3.2 million vans on the road in the UK and each one of them is a potential target for thieves. Maximising your van security can help reduce van crime and the fitting of the VanGuardian zonal alarm system could protect the fabric of your vehicle from the damage thieves inflict. and with the unwanted attention of the alarm going off, force thieves to retreat. 

A van alarm is the best way to deter thieves as it draws instant attention to criminal activity on and around your vehicle. But at what point it activates is crucial. factory fitted alarms usually only activate after the doors are open, which is too late the damage is done and once doors are forced open valuable tools are snatched and gone in seconds. Alarms positioned inside the vehicle are totally ineffective as they are unable to produce enough noise to heard or only activate after the doors are open which is too late. There are other additional ways to protect your van and recover it should the worst happen. And we will touch on them in a later segment.

Parking Your Van Safely

Parking the van securely behind a locked gate and fence will help to reduce the chances of theft as it increases the effort involved for them to get into it, and it slows the escape with anything stolen. however that is not always possible so Backing the van up against a wall to block access to the rear and side doors is a good idea if you can. and parking in a well lit area also helps 

Do Not Store Your Tools in the Van Overnight

This is a simple thing to say but not always such a simple thing to do. Removing all your tools from your van and taking them into the workshop or garage each night is an easy thing to say, a logical thing to do but some businesses just have not got space or time. If there is an alternative, such as a lockable storage unit, then it is better you use that as this will help to keep your tools safer.

Mark Your Property

You can write on your tools and your van with special black light pens, take photos of serial numbers to help prove ownership and you can even engrave your property with a special number. The police will use a system called e-merge to help them identify items and prove ownership, this is also something your insurance company may be able to make use of and it makes tools more difficult for thieves to get rid of 

Insure Your Property

If the tools are worth more than a certain amount, for example, £500, then you could consider taking out insurance on them. This can protect your business against having to buy new tools or replace items that are stolen, but it wont protect your van !

Adding Professional Van Signage

Adding professional signage could deter thieves from actually stealing it as it is easier to identify and trace and more difficult to hide and get rid of afterwards  However, it does advertise the fact that certain tools of the trade are possibly been carred onboard  Thieves will use this information when they find out when your van is parked up, leaving the tools inside vulnerable.

Parking Somewhere Lit up and Light

Parking in well-lit areas will help to reduce the risk of your van being targeted by thieves. If you can, try and park in an area that has street lights or security lighting installed nearby. This will make it easier for others to see what is happening around your vehicle so they can report any suspicious activity to the local authorities.

Risky Times of the Year

Over the past few years, it has been seen that crime spikes during certain times of the year, such as winter when there is a lack of daylight and this makes it easier for thieves to work without being seen. They can also take advantage of Christmas time because people are busy with family and friends and their mind is not on the security of their van, meaning a window of opportunity can arise. This is also a time people may be buying presents for others and a drill might be just what you wanted to offer.

Protecting Your Doors with Extra Locks

An extra lock only makes it harder for thieves to access your van but increase the chances they will look elsewhere for an easier target. Not every tool theft is opportunistic and sometimes it may even be a planned theft that is designed to remove specific items from your van. This means they will carry tools with them that can help them force locks as well as force the handle itself without the need for a key.

Steering Wheel and Handbrake Locks

These are relatively cheap items that can make it more difficult for criminals to getaway. They work by locking your steering wheel in place so the van cannot be moved, this also makes it harder to drive due to being unable to turn corners without risking a crash. This may stop the van from being stolen but will not stop the tools from going missing out the back.

Install a GPS Tracker

If you are worried about your van being stolen, consider installing a VanGuardian GPS alarm alert tracker. This will make it easier for you to locate your vehicle on your smart phone and recover your van if it is stollen this device can also provide a timely text message alert should your vehicle security be compromised in time for you to react, this is very useful if you are away from your vehicle and unable to hear your VanGuardian alarm. 


Through a combination of the steps above you can make sure to take the best steps possible to avoid having your van or tools stolen. Whilst van crime is a huge and rising problem in the UK, installing a VanGuardian zonal alarm system will allow you to reduce the risk as much as possible.


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