Our range of VANGUARDIAN alarms allows you to protect your Vehicle Tools & Assets and break the cycle of van crime. VANGUARDIAN detects minimal contact before activating an alarm response to STOP thieves & criminals BEFORE  damage is done, forcing thieves to retreat.

Delivers a powerful dispersion of sound from two alarm speaker outlets that activate simultaneously. And is highly recommended a visible, audible deterrent for the protection of the rear doors on a van or to attach to a pipe carrier to stop copper pipe theft, whilst also providing alarm protection for ladders & assets on a roof rack.

The TWIN ALARM set with
2 remotes £100 +VAT

The twin alarm offers the same 110db audible sound dispersion as our Dual alarm but in 2 separate single units, both alarm units are paired together and can be split to offer protection for 2 separate zonal areas commonly used to protect the offside & nearside cargo doors on a van.

1 remote £55 +VAT

The single unit alarm delivers a 110db audible alarm alert From a discreet compact single unit design often purchased to compliment the dual alarm to provide additional protection to the nearside cargo door area but can be used to protect any zone.


Is a combination of VanGuardian units that are often purchased together to protect 2 or 3 separate zones and offers great value with a 10% saving on the individual list price.  All alarm bundle units are pre-paired prior to dispatch so all you have to do is simply install them, for convenient all-round alarm protection.

All at the click of a button!

1st Bundle

2 remotes £145 +VAT

Recommended 2 zone protection of the rear doors and the nearside cargo door on a van.

2nd Bundle

van guardian bundle

TWIN ALARM set with
2 remotes £180 +VAT

Recommended 3 zone protection of the rear doors, nearside and or offside doors, and or pipe carrier or roof rack.


The VANGUARDIAN Alarm Alert and GPS Vehicle Tracker provides a timely TEXT message alert should your vehicle security be compromised.
Activating upon sensing noise or vibration from a secure position within the vehicle and provides live vehicle tracking on your mobile if your vehicle is removed or stolen.

GPS Alarm Alert & Tracker £99+VAT.

Responsive text alert when your vehicle security is at risk

This device has no subscription cost . This product requires only a 3G micro-sim from your chosen network to access the GPS network, prior to installation to function. Activated by sensing contact and noise from a secure position from within the confines of the vehicle. 

Dual Alarm Replacement base
£15 +VAT

Bases are available if you need to remove your alarm or relocate it to another vehicle.

Twin Alarm replacement base
£8 +VAT

A replacement base for the VANGUARDIAN Twin and Single Alarm.  Will be required if you wish to remove or relocate your device to another vehicle.

Extra Remote Control
£15 +VAT

Whether you require a spare remote or a replacement our simple pairing procedure ensures a secure connection every time.

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Due to the increasing high demand for VanGuardian alarms the current delivery time is

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