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Individual Alarms

Say goodbye to the fear and frustration of van theft with VANGUARDIAN Alarms – the ultimate solution for deterring criminals and protecting your valuable assets!

With our patented design, VANGUARDIAN provides a powerful, visible deterrent that stops thieves in their tracks before they even get close to your vehicle. And if they do decide to take their chances, our powerful audible alarm is activated on contact, drawing instant attention to criminal activity and forcing thieves to retreat before they can inflict any damage. With VANGUARDIAN on your side, you can break the cycle of van crime and safeguard your tools and assets on board, providing peace of mind and protection around the clock. Don’t wait until it’s too late – choose VANGUARDIAN and take the first step towards true security and safety today!

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  • best van alarms

    The VAN GUARDIAN Dual Alarm

    £100.00 (Inc. VAT £120.00)
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  • The VAN GUARDIAN Single Alarm

    £55.00 (Inc. VAT £66.00)
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  • van alarms

    The VAN GUARDIAN Twin Alarm Set

    £100.00 (Inc. VAT £120.00)
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