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Self Build Assist Ltd
Why wait until the vans been emptied and THEN buy security?!?

07:30, next door is knocking my door, side door of van wide open, you know the rest.....
I'd previously looked at these, umm'd and aaah'd, went and watched TV or something else, and carried on using luck, and then it ran out.

The only reason I didn't end up several thousands out of pocket that night was that the bottom-feeding scrote was disturbed (caught on ring cam, but saved by his hoody) and fled empty-handed. In the 30 or so seconds before I realised my livelihood was still in the van, my world was destroyed. Time to do something about it, I said to myself, as this was the second failed attempt at emptying my van. Luck wasn't my forte btw, so strike #3 would have been successful most probably.

I rang the guys at VanGuardian (beware similar companies with similar names!!) and they were super-helpful, and I got a great, informative consultation with all the advice I needed. I said I couldn't get to sleep the next night and wanted these the same day, they said no problem, and a courier driver (at my cost) was handing me the items at 4pm. Happy days, brilliant same day service!!

10 mins of cleaning the panels thoroughly and drying them, then a good scrub with the supplied alcohol wipes, and another 10 mins for me to take my time and install them as per the instructions, and I was all done.

Why the F*** did I wait to be done over before doing this?!? I slept like a log last night, and that means a lot when you've got a day of graft ahead of you the next morning.

I was given an honest appraisal, eg I was told openly and honestly that there may be a false alarm if there's adverse weather / hailstones etc, but for the rest of the year, and there's a lot of it, these things are crazy reliable and I am very, very impressed by how they distinguish between motion vs 'knocks', very good bits of kit indeed. A simple pull of the door handle gave an instant few-second burst as a warning, and that's pretty much all you need. Persist, and the things start screaming for the street to hear, and not just the one you're tampering next to, they both / all go nuts as they are paired. Nice touch!

On my street is where I have to park my van, and people drive past it at 50/60+ mph (even though it's a 30 zone) and the van rocks when passed at speed, but not a single false activation so far and I'm on the highest setting (7 to choose from!!).

Folks, these are cheap, and good, so take 30 mins to order, and 20 mins to fit them, protect your kit, and don't do what I did which is be lazy and leave myself vulnerable. When you wake up to an empty van, and some sh*t-head has left you to foot the bill for hundreds or thousands of £'s worth of damage to the vehicle, you will kick yourselves. Then you will buy these the day after.

A day off work is 2x the cost of the twin pack of dual units, then you have to hope you are covered for theft etc, then you have another day or two going shopping to replace what you can remember was in your van.........so you do the maths ;-).

A great product, quick and simple to install, instant peace of mind, and very competitively priced. Enough said. Stay safe people!

Regards, Nick.


offer a highly effective 110dB Audible Alarm Alert from two separate, single alarm units and offers a cost effective solution and Alarm Alert protection for two separate zonal areas.

This product is commonly associated with the protection of the offside and near side cargo doors on a van.

And this cost effective twin alarm solution offers the same Alarm Alert Protection as our Dual Alarm

but in two compact, single alarm units.

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