VANGUARDIAN employs a flexible, multipoint, ZONAL approach to vehicle security to offer protection from unsolicited contact for the vulnerable commonly targeted at risk zones on and around your vehicle.

You, the end user, decides what you want to protect with your VANGUARDIAN. The zonal areas you can see illustrated display the effective area of protection and a recommended position for a typical VANGUARDIAN installation. Our flexible approach to protecting your vehicle means you can start by simply protecting a single zone and you can add additional alarms at any time in the future to build up your vehicle protection.

Our zonal method of protection will allow you to visualize the vulnerable areas on your vehicle.

VanGuardian multipoint connectivity ensures any number of alarms can be paired through one master remote control for convenient all round protection.

All at the click of a button!

Alarming a pipe carrier Is a great deterrent, for keeping opportunist thieves away from a soft target unalarmed zone that offers easy pickings for thieves.
This is a great start to avoiding the potential escalation of vehicle crime & stopping copper pipe theft ! Whilest also protecting ladders and assets whilst on a roof rack. You the end user can simply & conveniently do that, with just one VANGUARDIAN.

Ask yourself this Important question..

Does your current van alarm only activate AFTER the doors are open?

If the answer is yes, YOUR VAN IS AT RISK & UNPROTECTED from:

The kind of criminal damage thieves inflict
Without detection and without this type of alarm ever going off !

With VANGUARDIAN, Keeping thieves off your VAN and away from your vehicle is our priority.....

Van Guardian Trucks

VANGUARDIAN Delivers, Alarm activation on contact
To draws unwanted attention to criminal activity immediately and alerts you and others when thieves are operating in time to take action further preventing the escalation of criminal damage and forcing thieves to retreat elsewhere.

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    The VAN GUARDIAN Twin Alarm Set

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  • The VAN GUARDIAN Extra Remote Control

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  • The VAN GUARDIAN Twin Alarm Replacement Base

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  • The VAN GUARDIAN Dual Alarm Replacement Base

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